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Sunflower seedlings for sale: raising funds for Ukraine

Early this year, LANCE Trustee Amanda ordered some sunflower seeds to grow on her allotment. Since then, Russia has invaded Ukraine (of which sunflowers are the national flower). Additionally, Amanda came across an inspiring project linking Ukraine, Romania and Moldova in efforts to protect and rewild the Danube Delta. The 580,000 hectare delta is Europe's largest wetland area and is still surprisingly un-destroyed.

The project is run by Rewilding Europe, who are currently running an appeal for donations to support their rewilding team and partners in Ukraine:

"The war in Ukraine is unfolding in a terrible way. We are doing what we can to help our team and partners that are living and working in the Danube Delta region. We have put first priority in making sure our team and their families are safe. Some of them have moved to Romania, where we were able to find a good place for them to live and work from there. However, some of them could not or didn’t want to leave and are still in Ukraine and they need our help. The staff and employees there try to continue their work as best as they can, but in a new reality. You can support our partners in the Ukrainian Danube Delta rewilding landscape and the Tarutino Steppe. With your donation, we will be able to purchase and transfer medicine, equipment and any other priority item to cover the needs of staff, employees and their families in Ukraine."

You can learn more here.

Amanda's sunflower seedlings are now ready to be planted out and, all things considered, it seems the perfect opportunity to raise some money to help with medicine, equipment, and transport for Rewilding Europe's team in Ukraine.

Amanda has 100 strong sunflower seedlings to sell - £2 each or 3 for £5 - which can even be delivered to you. They need planting out asap and will look lovely in pots or beds. The seeds came from Bee Happy Plants a seed company that gives a percentage of their income to Bumblebee Conservation Trust. The sunflowers are multi-headed, yellow-flowered, 4-6 ft tall plants that are loved by bees, other pollinators and birds.

Sunflowers produce nectar and pollen that is foraged by honeybees, bumblebees (both long- and short-tongued), solitary bees and flies. The pollen is especially sought-after in autumn when there are fewer sources available. Birds, of course, adore the seeds.

If you would like to buy some sunflower seedlings, please email Amanda on to arrange collection or delivery in and around Long Ashton.

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