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Past newsletters

Each month or so we send out a round-up of what LANCE Trust has been up to; what's going on for biodiversity in Long Ashton; and any upcoming opportunities for you to get involved with. You can catch up on past editions of the newsletter here.

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🙋🏽 Hedge-planting volunteers wanted this winter
📒 State of Nature report

🌾 Lark Meadow's had a trim

🧑‍💻 Accounts admin wanted

✂️ How to: propagate wild cuttings


✂️ Hold off before you cut your hedge

🙌 We are officially a charity

🧁 Cake & cafe volunteers wanted!

🌱 Welcoming new Trustees

🏆 Bee Bold Award



🐝 Spreading the word on our work for pollinators


🦔 Create a hedgehog-sized hole in your fence or hedge

🌳 Local updates: what's a lifecycle hedge?

🌱 Eyes peeled for... celandines

🦫 Some thoughts on local planning and development

🌱 Get involved in the Great Avon Wood



🪺 Install a bird box

🌳 A hedgerow survey in the village

🌱 Get involved: Every Garden Counts

🌳 Friends of Keeds Woods volunteer coppicing group

🦫 COP15 happened and 194 countries committed to 30x30

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