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How You Can Help

The best chance for wildlife in Long Ashton to thrive will be a commitment from as many people to help in any way they can. If you’ve not got the time to help in a practical way, lobby our MP to show you care, get informed about the issues and write to local papers.


Gain knowledge by joining Avon Wildlife Trust or any of the national charities dedicated to helping our native species. A few of the less well-known ones are Plantlife, Freshwater Habitats Trust, Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Bat Conservation Trust, Butterfly Conservation or Buglife.


Increase space for wildlife in your garden, spread your enthusiasm and knowledge by talking to your neighbours or come up with your own ideas. Join in the national surveys run every year by Plantlife, RSBP and Butterfly Conservation. And we would, of course, love to hear from experts in bee, insect, reptile or plant identification.


In our first year, we believe the LANCE Trust has started the ball rolling well. Now, we need to maintain and build momentum. The Trust may need financial help to lease land and buy seed. At times, projects will need help on the ground to plant trees, hedges or raise and plant wildflower plugs.

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Positive change has already happened and now we are keen to build up a bigger support base. The LANCE Trust promises to keep your data private. We absolutely understand that everyone needs to feel comfortable.

Get Involved: Get Involved

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We have plenty of opportunities for you to lend your time.


The Trust relies wholly on grants and donations.


We'd love to work with your school to spread the word about nature!


We welcome volunteers, sponsorship and partnership with local businesses

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