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Connection and communication on Earth Day 2023

Were you aware of Earth Day?

If in doubt, Saturday 22 April 2023 was marked by a host of events held by millions around the world with a rallying cry of ‘Get Inspired. Take Action. Be Part of the Green Revolution’.

North Somerset was no exception and, invited by Climate and Community Action Dundry (CCA), Trustees of the LANCE Trust Amanda and Myles took part in the inspirational Dundry Earth Day Festival. From talks in the Church, to stalls in the Village Hall, it was a chance to meet other groups like Green Chew, Three Hares Market Garden and Limeburn Hill Vineyard.

We met several students keen to develop their surveying skills and marvelled at Sal Pearson’s in-depth knowledge of British bees and how we can all encourage them to flourish. Thanks to the hard work of the Dundry group, we’ve been encouraged by the amazing work done in our neighbourhood.

Connection and communication between us all is vital both for us, and our wildlife.

As we know, Britain is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world and the populations of birds, bees and insects are still plummeting. And without a network of nature-friendly space and corridors to move between them, our wildlife species simply can’t maintain their populations let alone increase.

The final word goes to António de Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations who tweetedThis Earth Day, I urge everyone to raise your voices and demand that leaders make peace with nature.”

We simply can’t ignore the biodiversity crisis anymore so please contact us and see how you, too, can play your part.

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