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In memory of Sam Rogers 1966 – 2024

All members and supporters of the LANCE Trust are much appreciated, but one trustee and founding member holds a very special place in our hearts. 

Sam Rogers was an integral, inspirational and vibrant member of the Trust who loved working with people of all ages and abilities to help the natural world thrive. As such, she was a guiding star for many of us and we will miss her greatly, though her spirit and soul will remain with us for years to come.

From the earliest days of the Trust, she worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the precious value of biodiversity amongst the local community. She loved badgers, bees, butterflies and much else besides; and she was expert at nurturing wild flower seeds into life. From taking cuttings from wild roses, to growing medicinal herbs on her allotment, plants thrived under her care. She was adept at growing and selling native plants at the village market with the dual purpose of raising funds and supporting gardeners to increase bio-diverse ecosystems in their gardens. 

For many of us, the species-rich, native meadow that’s quietly establishing itself in a corner of Fenswood Farm will always shimmer with the memory of Sam sowing seed on a scorching autumn’s day in 2021. And, with many more projects in the pipeline including helping our local swift, hedgehog and brimstone butterfly populations, the Trust is determined to build on the work she so was instrumental in starting.

We know that Sam was so generous to so many and had a number of causes that were dear to her. So, as a group, we are delighted, surprised and honoured that she has chosen the LANCE Trust as the recipient of donations in her memory. We will do our best to ensure she’s not forgotten.

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