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Have you spotted the hand-made sign at Lark Meadow?

If you've walked on the footpath behind Fenswood Farm recently, you may have spotted our brand-new sign, hand-made by LANCE Trustee Pete.

Lark Meadow

A wildlife-friendly, species-rich grassland. First sown: Autumn 2021

A co-operative project between the Lance Trust & Fenswood Farm

Funded by Quartet Foundation

Join us:

You can read a little more about the challenge Pete faced making the sign below.

"I have made a new sign for Lark Meadow from a plank of ash wood that I had left over from chair making.

"I carved the title using a medium gouge but was a bit daunted by the amount of text required but after some experimentation, I found that using a small electric drill with a rotary rasp did the trick.

"Amanda and I dug the holes for the posts which are cedar bought from the Somerset Bodgers at Tyntesfield. It now stands proudly announcing the presence of Lark Meadow by the footpath between the bypass and Fenswood Farm."

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